KARMA – For positive energy
Karma by Narang is a delicious, Arabica-blend of coffee that responds to your mood. Whether you are bolting out the door to make it to an 8AM meeting, or lounging around in your PJs on a Sunday morning reading the Times’ gossip section, Karma delivers just the right amount of robustness to start your day off right.

Karma coffee injects warmth and energy into moments of peaceful pleasure at home. It brings the mood and quality of the coffeehouse coffee into your house. Karma gives you the flavorful boost you need to have the kind of day you want to have. And it looks great on your kitchen counter, next to your coffeemaker.

Hot Coffee for Chill Moments
“Relax, we got the coffee part covered!  Go start your day – put on some jeans or just mosey around in your sweats – enjoy a cup of goodness.  You deserve it.”

Good KARMA is here!